Woman relives alleged sexual assault 14 years later
May 16, 2023
Woman relives alleged sexual assault 14 years later

A woman who claims she was sexually molested as a 14-year-old while a member of a local church says no one believed her when she told adults what was happening to her.

She is calling on members of the public to pay attention when children make certain accusations, even if the alleged perpetrator is highly regarded in society.

The East Kingstown resident, who spoke to SEARCHLIGHT last week on the condition of anonymity, said she was in second form when she caught the eye of one of the male members of her church.

She is now 28, and 14 years later, the pain of the alleged assaults still has a negative effect on her.

“Even in my big age when I see him I use to still be scared …,” she related.

As she reflected on the incidents 14 years ago, the woman said she was dedicated at the church, was a member of the choir and would attend youth meetings.

She said one Wednesday, she was wearing a “light pink and hot pink stripped top” with a silver belt with her name on it. She said the belt had screws and one fell out, so she asked around for a screwdriver to replace the screw and was told to check a male church member who she named.

She said she went to the back of the church and asked the male for the screwdriver and he told her he wanted to see her bra.

She said she refused and the male pulled her top down, exposing a black and white bra with a “Playboy” symbol on it. She said she was asked if she knew what the symbol meant and replied “no” after which her breasts were grabbed.

She said she left the area and was “lost to the world” for days.

The still angry woman said after that incident, while at church she would avoid using the bathroom as there were times when the same male would block the pathway leading from the bathroom and touch her inappropriately.

The woman said when she went to church, she would be happy when she did not see the male’s car.

She said on one occasion, a family member forgot her Bible and sent her to retrieve it and the male assaulted her again.

The young woman said the incidents caused her to fall back in her school work.

She said one incident saw her having to take a ride with the same male who had his son with him, and the male beat the child until the boy fell asleep.

The man then took her in the vicinity of the tennis court at Richmond Hill, blocked the windscreen with a sun visor, and proceeded to assault her, asking her if she had a boyfriend.

She said she ran from the vehicle and when she eventually told her mother, other persons who heard said she was “hot spell” and “hottie hottie” and did not believe her.

She said she eventually stopped going to church and when the male saw her in public he would smile.