Case of Juvenile and brother charged in Georgetown murder adjourned again
Murder accused Javid Dasilva (left) being escorted from Court by an officer
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May 9, 2023
Case of Juvenile and brother charged in Georgetown murder adjourned again

The prosecution once again have had to request an adjournment in relation with two murder accused who have been charged in the death of a 28 year old man whose body was found chopped in several pieces in the Morne Garu mountain. The matter which surrounds the death of a 28 year old man of Caratal was recalled on May 3, at the Serious Offences Court and, for another time, was adjourned. Its now listed to be heard on May 22.

Javid Dasilva, the 22 year old younger brother of the deceased, along with a 15 year old, were jointly charged that on March 2, at Georgetown with malice aforethought they caused the death of Sheldon Welch of Caratal, Georgetown by an unlawful act.

The accused’ continue on remand pending the outcome of the matter.

A third man, Lisroy Bacchus, was also charged with assisting in transporting and burying the body of Welch. Bacchus was granted bail in the sum of $20,000.

This most recent adjournment came after Prosecutor, Station Sergeant Renrick Cato informed the court that a medical report from Dr Karen Providence, as it relates to the 15 year old, is still outstanding.

The minor who is a student of the School for Children with Special Needs, Georgetown is currently being held at the Central Police Station. Cato said that the physical file is ready but the prosecution cannot proceed against the minor until confirmations can be made from the report.

The issue has raised concerns from the teenager’s lawyer, Grant Connell. He said his issue is that he knows the strain on the system at the institution, (Mental Health Centre), but one would think that the report was requested even before the minor was charged.

He highlighted that the defendant is a special needs student and raised other concerns as he noted that the issue at hand can lead to the youngster being held at the Central Police Station for months.

“…We have no intention to waste the court’s time, we intend to paper commit, but we cannot paper commit without paper and this adjournment is not because of lawyers, the system is creating the delays,” Connell complained while noting that this was the third adjournment.

Chief Magistrate, Rechanne Browne said she understands the concerns and knows the system is stressed, particularly with the personnel there, however she said “We can still prioritize what is necessary”.

The Chief Magistrate explained that the court will also make the necessary representations.

In relation to the prosecutor’s comments about the adjournments, Browne said the matter is still within the time but, “we can do things a little bit more expeditiously when we have special circumstances”.

On March 9, the mother of the 15 year old told SEARCHLIGHT that she is calling on the authorities to release her son as she believes he was taken advantage of by the co-accused. She also said that the teen is intellectually impaired.

The aunt of the teen added that he was always eager to be in the company of others, who he called ‘me friend’. She said although he is willing to help, he does not always understand what is being asked of him.

“If you tell him something you have to tell him over and over again ‘til he understand. If yo talking to him, you have to break it down like if yo talking to a five year old. If yo talk to him like how you do a big person using big words, he na go understand. Me believe they [accused] really use he. If anybody ah say lewwe go Morne Garu he na hesitate; if me say lewwe go ah River 14, he ready!”

“…The police in Georgetown [on March 3] received a report of the disappearance of the deceased. An investigation was launched which led the police to a mountain in Georgetown where the body was discovered in a pit later the said day,” a release from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force had said.