Rose Place beach – Spot the changes between Aug 2022 and May 2023
Rose Place then and now - August 2022 to May 2023
May 7, 2023
Rose Place beach – Spot the changes between Aug 2022 and May 2023

It has been one year since the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines signed agreements with Sellhorn Engineering based in Germany and the Canadian firm, Aecon Construction Group Inc. for the construction of a modern container port at Rose Place, Kingstown.

The contract signed on May 4, 2022, with Aecon Construction Group Inc for the construction of the port is  valued at approximately US$170.4 million or EC$460.07 million. Additionally, the contract signed with Sellhorn Engineering, the company tasked with supervising the overall project, is valued at EC$10.7 million.

Over the past two weeks, much of the attention of the nation has been focused on the dredging of 1.17 million cubic metres of sand from the waters off the south-east coast of St Vincent. The material is being used to reclaim 16 acres of land in the Rose Place area of Kingstown on which the port will be built.

But while the dredging has just begun, other aspects of the project have been moving ahead quietly.

Use the white slider tool in the middle of the photo below to see the changes to the Rose Place beach between August 2022 and May 2, 2023. Move the slider to the left to see the site as it is today and to the right to see it how it was in August 2022.

At the western edge of the beach, a concrete batching plant has been built on the former hard court and the beach area has been enlarged and flattened using the rubble from the demolished sea wall at Little Tokyo.

The beach is presently being used for the storage of containers and equipment and for parking of employees’ vehicles.