Gospel band lifting the spirits of residents North of Rabacca
Ekklesia Gospel Band
April 25, 2023

Gospel band lifting the spirits of residents North of Rabacca

The Ekklesia Gospel Band is proving to be a voice of resilience and encouragement for persons living north of the Rabacca Dry River.

Not only were people in these communities affected by the COVID- 19 pandemic and Hurricane Elsa; in April 2021, they were forced to flee from their homes to escape the wrath of La Soufriere volcano which began a series of explosive eruptions on April 9, 2021.

The spirit of resilience of the people in these communities during and after the volcanic eruption has led to a song of praise, entitled ‘We Will Rise’.

The song, which is performed by the Ekklesia Gospel Band was launched earlier this month and has been lifting the spirits of the people, engendering fresh hope.

The band held a massive launch of the song on Easter Monday, April 9, 2023, exactly two years after the volcano showed its awful power.

The launch was held at the London Playing Field in Sandy Bay In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, PRO of the band, Jason Derrick, said “We Will Rise” is their second release.

Their first was in 2013, with an album called “Revival.”

“We Will Rise was inspired by our experiences throughout life but moreso, by the experiences we had during and after … La Soufriere volcanic eruptions.”

He said the song was written by Rosanne Baptiste of Owia who began penning the piece during the last eruptions, after much prayer and fasting.

“While praying and fasting, she asked God for a song of gratitude that will help people in their dark times.”

Coincidentally, Baptiste completed writing the song exactly one year later, on April 9, 2022.

Then, exactly one year from that date, Ekklesia was able to officially launch the single ‘We Will Rise’.

Derrick told SEARCHLIGHT that while the song relates to the volcanic eruptions, “it speaks to people in every way of life.”

Derrick said there are plans to produce a music video for the song.

Looking back over the past two years, he said the people north of the Rabacca Dry River have not yet gotten to where they want to be, “but we are rising.”

During the launch on Easter Monday, the Sandy Bay Primary School choir was also featured, performing the ending of the song.

“We are trying to incorporate all the hidden talent in our area,” Derrick told SEARCHLIGHT.

Derrick, who is a keyboardist in the band Ekklesia, said they are also planning an event for North Leeward and would be something similar to the launch which took place in Sandy Bay.
Pastor Raul Baptiste is president of the band Ekklesia.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that the band now consists of 12 members, who are all Christians from various churches north of the dry river.

Apart from being the president,Pastor Baptiste is also a drummer with the band.

His wife, Rosanne is the one who wrote the song. Baptiste, who is the Senior Pastor of the Sandy Bay Baptist Church, said his wife and Leandra Baptiste were the two lead singers for We Will Rise at the recent launch.

He explained that the name Ekklesia was derived from the Greek word which means called out one.

“We fasted and we prayed and then we got that name,” he related.

The pastor said the band which was formed in 2001, is a singing ministry that aims to reach men and women, boys and girls, for the Kingdom of God.