Claimant’s attorney confident of success at Appeal Court
Jomo Thomas
April 21, 2023

Claimant’s attorney confident of success at Appeal Court

Although he is disappointed that the government has been granted permission to appeal the High Court judgement in the ‘Vaccine Mandate’ case, an attorney for the claimants is confident that the ruling will be upheld.

Jomo Thomas, in an interview with SVGTV on April 20 said the public workers already have a decision of the court of first instance, and a stay in execution of that decision is nothing more than a “hold in action”.

“The substantive issue awaits the minds of a full court. So, we are confident in our arguments which we made at the court of first instance, we are confident as we always were that the decision of Justice Henry would be upheld.”

He said when the matter is heard at the Appeal Court, arguments would be made before three judges.

“…We would be hoping to persuade at least two of them that Justice Henry’s decision was sound in law.”

Thomas said his team intends to go forward with the sole intention of prevailing when the appeal is heard.

He hopes that the appeal is heard “with expedition” and that it can be heard in July when the Appeal Court comes to St Vincent.