Education Minister boasts of “Massive Transformation” under ULP administration
Curtis King
March 28, 2023

Education Minister boasts of “Massive Transformation” under ULP administration

Minister of Education, Curtis King reflected on the “massive transformation” that St Vincent and the Grenadines has undergone over the past 22 years under the administration of the Unity Labour Party (ULP), as he stressed on the party’s reputation for doing what many said cannot be done.

The Minister was addressing the mass ULP anniversary gathering at the decommissioned E.T Joshua Airport tarmac last night, March 26, gathered in celebration of the party’s 22 years in office.

He told party supporters that though the naysayers may continue to oppose, they must keep celebrating the transformation of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

“We are here to celebrate 22 years of the journey and we’re still continuing, 22 years- it’s not an easy feat- but let me tell you something, we are continuing because we’re not weary yet, you know…when they asked Arnhim [Eustace] for the plan he said ask Ralph.

“Well they have a new plan now. When you ask [Dr Godwin] Friday for the plan, they said blame Ralph, so they have moved from asking Ralph to blaming Ralph but let them continue to blame. While they continue to blame we will celebrate and we are celebrating for good cause because we have seen over the last 22 years transformation of this country of ours, massive transformation…”.

The minister said that Arnos Vale was more than just a venue for the celebration; it was a symbol of the transformation of the country.

“It wasn’t too long ago, planes were landing here, small planes, and when we said we wanted to develop the infrastructure by putting in an international airport, they say no, can’t happen, but now we have daily flights landing at the Argyle International Airport, that is why I’m saying that this site is symbolic in the transformation. “

King, was among a raft of speakers who addressed supporters decked in the party’s colour- red.

He said a vision was articulated for SVG and after articulating that vision, the ULP shared its plan to bring about the transformation of SVG.

“…and I’ll tell you something, all the strategies identified for the transformation, for the achievement of this vision, the other side opposed and that is why we are celebrating tonight because we have chalked up some massive achievements all on the journey to the transformation of this country…”.

King told the crowd that they will see the commencement of the anchor project for the modern city that will be built in West St George, something which he claimed many have said cannot happen.

“Yes, they say they it can’t happen but we are going to start the Acute Referral Hospital…soon. They say it couldn’t happen and I want to say something to you because it’s current now, but not too long ago most of our children could not access secondary school, they couldn’t go to secondary school but we have come to recognise like all the other countries in the world…that the basic education which we provided at the time was not satisfactory and we had to move from just primary education to making secondary education part of the basic education programme,” King pointed out.

He referenced 2004 when the ULP decided to have more secondary schools to attain universal access for every child of secondary school age.

“You know what they said, that can’t happen and when you ask them for their plan- remember they don’t have no plan- they said that they would consider introducing universal access in 2030.
“Well 2030 ain’t reach yet and we done have all of our children accessing secondary education.”