School leaders engage in leadership programme
March 10, 2023

School leaders engage in leadership programme

School leaders from across the state are today, March 10, wrapping up two school leadership workshops at the Kingstown Baptist Church.

The March 8-10, workshops are part of a school leadership certificate programme offered through the Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation and are being done in collaboration with International School Leadership (ISL).

On March 8- 9 administrators, including head teachers, deputy principals and senior teachers met to complete the first two of three days of training focused on the foundation of effective school leadership. Day three will be held at a later date.

Today, March 10, principals and head teachers who were part of the ISL mission to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in January will complete their final day – day three of training as part of the same Foundation of Effective School Leadership Certificate.

The facilitator for the training workshop is Bruce Barrett from International School Leadership (ISL) alongside co-facilitators from the Ministry of Education.

Since 2022, 84 school administrators and senior teachers have been trained by ISL based in Canada, under the Human Development Services Delivery Project (HSDP).

Twenty-eight ministry officials also completed the Foundation of Effective School Leadership Certificate in November, 2021.