Deputy Prime Minister gets early morning complaint about noise
February 21, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister gets early morning complaint about noise

DEPUTY Prime Minister, Montgomery Daniel, has spoken out against an apparent “attack on Law and order” by some persons in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). The minister made his concerns known on as he deputized on NBC Radio for Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, on Wednesday, February 15.

The Transport and Works minister said he has been getting phone calls about a range of issues such as noise, encroachment, and the setting up of illegal structures.

On the issue of noise, Minister Daniel recounted a telephone call he received around 4’o’clock one morning in which the person was complaining about noise coming from a fete, which he said was a regular feature in that area.

The minister said there are elderly persons in that community who are negatively impacted by what he describes as a “troubling noise, constant pounding for 7 to 8 hours.”

What is even more troubling, he said, is that police officers are usually on the scene, providing security for the events and there is no regard for the Noise Act.

“It is worrying if you have security on hand and these matters continue to prevail,” Minister Daniel commented.

He promised to meet with the relevant authorities to, hopefully, have the matter of noise pollution addressed.

Although he did not specify the area, SEARCHLIGHT was informed that persons in the North Windward community of Point Village have been complaining of this problem for quite some time now.

We were reliably informed that persons in the community complain that they cannot get any rest or sleep during the times these events are taking place.

While the Deputy Prime Minister was on air on Wednesday, someone called and also complained about noise from a disco in Questelles, that is also disrupting the lives of persons in that community.

Minister Daniel said that such a situation “is not the best for all of us.”

He added that while persons have a right to make a dollar, it is also the right of others to live in peace and harmony.

The loud music has also been identified as a problem for passengers travelling on many minivans.