Public Service Union marks its 80th anniversary
President of the Public Service Union Elroy Boucher (centre) with other members of the executive
February 14, 2023

Public Service Union marks its 80th anniversary

Activities to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Public Service Union (PSU) are continuing with a series of visits to various departments.

These visits are part of the union’s initiative to reach out to civil servants as the PSU celebrates its anniversary under the theme, ‘Navigating the way forward – 80 years and counting’.

President, Elroy Boucher, said the protection of the rights of workers remains paramount to the PSU and called for those who have not yet joined to become members. He said one of the issues of concern was the National Insurance Services as it relates to pensions, and that the PSU will defend what their members are entitled to.

The PSU launched its website yesterday, February 13, Boucher noted, making it easier for persons to stay digitally connected and gain more information. He noted as well that there were benefits to be derived such as legal aid and advice, medical assistance, training, scholarships to the children of financial members and cash loans.

The PSU was also anticipating active engagement from callers during its Monday night programme on Nice Radio.

On Monday, February 27, the eight decades old trade union will officially celebrate its anniversary with a presidential award ceremony and cocktail at the Methodist Church Hall.

Other upcoming activities include members/pensioners fun day on March, 4, at Mount Wynne, and a boat ride to Bequia on March, 14.

The trade union kicked off the commemorative activities with their attendance at a church service on February, 5, at the Kingstown Baptist Church.