Thirty more Girl Guides  	enrolled in SVG Girl Guides  Association
SAHARA ANTROBUS making her promise.
January 24, 2023

Thirty more Girl Guides enrolled in SVG Girl Guides Association

The No.1 Kingstown Girl Guides Company hosted its annual enrolment and awards ceremony on Friday, January 13 at the La Vue Boutique Hotel and Beach Club.

Annaliese Mapp (right), Top Year 4 Guide.

A release from the Girl Guides Association of St Vincent and the Grenadines states that the ceremony was held under the theme “Guiding Traditions; New Beginnings” to recognise the formal acceptance of 30 girls to the Girl Guiding sisterhood in SVG. The local Association is a part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts’ 10,000,000- member family in 152 countries across the world.

Among other activities, the newly enrolled girl guides, completed scores of hours completing community service projects, learning the basics about sign language and morse code, participating in several other varied outdoor activities which included but were not limited to outdoor cooking, hikes, breast cancer awareness initiatives, and campaigns to end violence against women and girls to help the girl guides develop their fullest potential to contribute meaningfully to the development of their country and world.

Jaida Jackson (right), Top Year 3 Guide.

Topping the pre-promise programme was Nia Forde of the Daisy Patrol who attained 100% followed by Raine Jack, Elena Abu-Eid and Jonique Forde who attained 98% on their assessments.
In the various year levels, the following Girl Guides received awards for the outstanding performance:

Year 1: Osanna Sprott (37, 600 points); Jnya Pemberton (36,600 points); Kuba Francis (34, 250 points); Keleisha Simmons (34,150 points); Juliandra Sterling (33,950 points).

Year 2: Jennaya Bonadie (39,500 points); Tyler Matthias (33,450 points); Shazara James (29,920 points); Naira John (27,800 points); Natalia Olton (27,150 points).

Jennaya Bonadie (right), Top Year 2 Guide.

Year 3: Jaida Jackson (51,240 points); Kathryn Miller (48,860 points); Leanique Balkaran (43,560 points); Arianne Kirby (42,100 points); Leah Nanton (36,450 points).

Year 4: Annaliese Mapp (49,500 points); Amara Sterling (49,450 points); Kyarra Sandy (48,960 points); Lau Browne (47,110 points); Kiana Bailey (46,830 points).

Osanna Sprott (right), Top Year 1 Guide.

The official schedule of activities for the second term has since commenced and the No.1 Kingstown Girl Guides Company and sister guides are preparing for the festivities for World Thinking Day 2023 under the theme “Our World Our Peaceful Future, The Environment & Peace”.

Guiders of the No.1 Kingstown Girl Guides Company.