January 10, 2023
Teachers to be schooled in alternative dispute resolutions

The Division of Teacher Education within the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC), will be conducting a workshop in Restorative Practices later this week to expose teachers to alternative dispute resolutions. A release from the SVGCC says the January 12-13 forum is also aimed to foster a closer working relationship with schools.

The Restorative Practices workshop is being sponsored by the Improve Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project,which has its headquarters in Barbados.

And, the regional project director is professor Velma Newton.

The SVGCC – Division of Teacher Education benefited from this sponsorship in January, 2020 and two cohorts of students (Early Childhood and Secondary Cohorts) were exposed to this training.
An opening ceremony of the workshop, to take place at the Sunset Shores Hotel, will hear remarks from a number of officials in education.

Brief remarks will be given by Marise Butler, dean of the Division of Teacher Education; Dixton Findlay,chief technical officer within the Department of Higher Education; and Nigel Scott, Director of the SVGCC.

The session will be facilitated by Ann Hamilton- Dopwell, restorative practice trainer.