Best Lit Commercial Building Coreas City Store
December 30, 2022
National Nine Mornings Committee announces Lighting Winners

The following are the winners of the 2022 National Lighting Competitions as announced by the National Nine Mornings Committee:

Best Lit Community
First, Rose Hall – Works; second, Rose Bank – Village Square; third, Layou- Velox Corner; fourth, Troumaca – Crossroads.

First, Sion Hill – Intersection; second , Town Hill; third, Chauncey – Junction; fourth, Vermont.
First, Top Belair; second, Richland Park- Davis’ Square; third, Biabou; fourth, Cotton Ground- Big City Bar

First, Point Village; second, Diamond Village; third, Owia.

National Champion:
First, Point Village; second, Sion Hill- Intersection; third, Rose Hall – Works; fourth, Top Belair.

Best Lit Private Houses:
Zone 1
First, Glenroy Pierre – Petit Bordel.
Second, Wesley Mc Kie – Golden Grove.
Third, Everad Ince – Rose Bank.

Zone 2
First, Wayne Dupont / Zachery Audain – both of Green Hill.
Second, Ann Jones – Questelles.
Third, Ianthe Cupid- Edwards – Gun Hill.

Zone 3
First, Olivia Da Silva- Cane End.
Second, Jose hooper – Belmont’ Ginger Village.
Third, Elmore Browne – Carriere.

Zone 4
First, Carol Jardine-Georgetown.

Best Lit Private House
First, Olivia Da Silva- Cane End.
Second, Jose McField Hooper- Belmont/Ginger Village.
Third, Carol Jardine – Georgetown.
Fourth, Glenroy Pierre- Petit Bordel.
Wayne Dupont – Green Hill.
Zachary Audain – Green Hill.

Best Lit Garden:
First, Villa Top Christmas Gardens – Hulls Residence Villa Top Vale.
Second, Recreational Park – Roseau
Third, Richmond Hill Gardens-Richmond Hill.
Fourth, School Grounds – Fitz Hughes.

Best Nativity Scene:
First, Olivia Da Silva- Cane End.
Second, Town Hill.
Third, Carol Jardine- Georgetown.
Fopurth, Jose McField Hooper- Belmont/Ginger Village.

Best Lit Commercial Building:
First, Coreas City Store.
Second, Jax Enterprises Ltd.
Third, Bank of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.