Carriere turns on lights to start Nine Mornings in the Valley
Carriere turns on the lights signalling the start of Nine Mornings in the Valley
December 16, 2022
Carriere turns on lights to start Nine Mornings in the Valley

After a challenging two years the Carriere Nine Mornings Committee is now back in full swing with their Nine Mornings Festivities.

Residents from Carriere and surrounding areas came out in their numbers on Wednesday, December 14 to witness the launch and turning on of lights for this year’s festivities.

A full calendar of activities returned after the festivities were scaled back in 2020 and 2021 mainly due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and eruption of La Soufriere.

The theme for this year is “Through the Difficulties the star shines at Christmas.”

The launch took the form of a concert which was kickstarted by the vibrant Praise and Worship team from the Streams of Power church in Carriere
Other elements included presentations from guest artiste, Pearl McMaster; the Carriere Nine Mornings choir; young Kazeem Charles, and the Rose Hall Drummers among a host of other performers.

The feature speaker for the evening was Brian Burke of the Hebron Gospel Hall and remarks came from Parliamentary Representative for the area, St. Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince.

Chair of the committee, Rosmond Richardson told SEARCHLIGHT this year marks 22 years since Carriere has been organising Nine Mornings activities.

He said during the two years when the festivities were scaled down they focussed mainly on lighting up the area and a few other activities.

Richardson said he feels very good about this year’s festival which is borne out in their theme.

He added that the theme came out of the many challenges the community and nation have been facing.

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“However, this season we are reminded that even though we are faced with difficulties the light which is Jesus, still shines at Christmas and not only at Christmas but throughout the year.”

Public Relations Officer (PRO), Jennifer Richardson also spoke to SEARCHLIGHT saying “It feels really great that Nine Mornings is back.

“ …now that we are outside… it is wonderful not just to be able to turn on the lights but to see the people come out again and socially interact.”

She said people are happy and are looking forward to the activities this year and because of this, she is excited that the committee is able to stage the 2022 Nine Mornings Festivities even though it has become extremely difficult to do so.

“In the past you had more volunteerism, a lot more people would come out and help, however, these days there are only a few people who take on the work,” which puts a lot more pressure on the few who have volunteered.

Despite this, Richardson said it is significant seeing the happiness, and the gloom on people’s faces lifted when they came out to the launch. She said it is wonderful seeing them interact and participating in different elements of the launch on stage.

She added that this year, they tried their best to add more creativity in keeping with their theme, and the public can look forward to many different entertainment acts as they try to maintain the tradition.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke as well with Carriere resident, Annette Lily Dabreo who said she has been involved in Nine Mornings for many years and the absence over the past two years felt like the absence of Christmas especially for children because they love the Nine Mornings action.

“ I am happy that Nine Mornings is back, it is a pleasure to get up early in the morning because I love being around my people and I love to see them come out and be together.”

Dabreo also said that this year she wants to see everyone get back together and bring back the spirit of Christmas and advised persons not to forget the reason for the season.

Some other residents said they enjoyed the launch and are looking forward to the festivities at this year’s Nine Mornings celebrations.

The lights were turned on following the performances and speeches.

In Kingstown, the Nine Mornings festival will commence today, Friday, December 16 and will run to December 24 starting at 4:00 a.m each morning.