Marlon Bute of District Stairs (left) handing over carpentry tools to Superintendent of Prisons Timothy Hazelwood
December 14, 2022
Woodwork shop at His Majesty’s Prisons receives carpentry tools

Woodwork tools valued at EC$2,500 have been donated to His Majesty’s Prisons.

A pair of drills, a jigsaw, a belt sander, two 12-inch saw blades, four 10-inch saw blades, a drill set with 195 pieces and jigsaw and router blades were handed over to Superintendent of Prisons Timothy Hazelwood on Tuesday.

The donation was made by Marlon Bute, founder and CEO of District Stairs, a company which specialises in the sale and installation of stairs, railings and floors, and has outlets in Ajax and Pickering in Ontario, Canada.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Bute said: “It’s unfortunate that some of our citizens end up incarcerated for one reason or the other. But, when they do get incarcerated, it’s important that they come back to us rehabilitated. That process might include learning or improving certain skills so that they could become productive members of society.

Corporal Francis (left) giving Marlon Bute a tour of the prison workshop

“It’s with this sort of thinking that District Stairs decided to donate a set of tools and accessories to the prison’s woodwork shop.”

The businessman, who migrated to Canada almost 20 years ago told SEARCHLIGHT that his company intends to make further donations to the prisons.

“They are still in need of supplies and we have indicated our intentions to build on the relationship by giving more tools. So in the new year we would be sending off a 12-inch sliding mitre saw and other tools.”

December 11- 18 is being celebrated as Prison Week of Activities in St Vincent and the Grenadines.