SVG’s latest  centenarian tells youths ‘behave yourselves, listen to your parents!’
Dorothy “Tanty” Adams surrounded by some of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren on her 100th birthday on Wednesday.
November 25, 2022
SVG’s latest centenarian tells youths ‘behave yourselves, listen to your parents!’

This country’s newest centenarian, Dorothy Adams, is cautioning the youths of the nation to listen to the admonition of their parents.

Adams, a resident of Park Hill, celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday, November 23.

On her special day, she was surrounded by friends and family from near and far.

Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves who is the Member of Parliament for the area and Governor General, Dame Susan Dougan were among those present at her home, to celebrate with Adams on her special day.

“Tanty” as she is fondly called, spoke to SEARCHLIGHT in a brief interview after her official birthday celebrations on Wednesday.

Asked what she would like to say to the young people of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), Adams replied, “behave yourself and hear what your mother and father say.”
Probably it was her obedience to her own parents which helped in her living to reach the ripe age of 100 years.

Adams gave birth to 10 children, four of whom she has outlived.

One of her daughters, Bestina Adams of Park Hill died just a few years ago.

Adams told SEARCHLIGHT that she thanks God for allowing her the privilege to live to reach 100 years.

“It is through him why I live, so I thank God.”

She is a staunch member of the Anglican Church and worshipped at St Peters Anglican Church in Mt Greenan.

The humble centenarian is blessed with a spirit of contentment and is not at all fussy about food.

When asked what she likes to eat, Adams promptly replied “Whatever I get”.

She also expressed having a passion for breadfruit, whether it is roasted, boiled, or prepared in any other way.

“Whatever I get, I have to eat and satisfy and thank God.

For other persons who would also like to be blessed with long life, Adams said “God is the one who helping you, you have to ask him.”

She believes that if you ask God for a long life, he will grant it to you.

Chairperson of the birthday celebrations at Adams’ home on Wednesday, Maria Burke recalled that at her 90th birthday celebrations, Adams “categorically said that she is going to live to see 100 years.”

Burke said not only did Adams make that statement 10 years ago, but she also repeated it on numerous occasions.

The former educator recalled Adams saying repeatedly that “the Lord promised her 100 years.”

Adams remembers going to church and also going on trips and outings.

She loved the outdoors and recalled that “we used to hire van to go Greigs, Georgetown, or anywhere we want to go.”

The senior citizen also recalled making juice and food to take on some of her outdoor expeditions.

Another fun activity she remembers is dancing.

“I used to like to dance and all those things.”

“I used to go to Georgetown to dance,” she said with a broad smile as she recounted hiring vans and going with friends to dance “all over the river.”

And, she is of the opinion that in order to have a good life, one must “keep up yourself and know what you are doing.”

“After you go to school, you must know good from bad.

“Walk in the right road,” she admonished.

Although Adams is now 100 years old, she has no serious medical complaints.

She is still able to move around on her own.

She recalled that there was a time when she had problems with her vision, but that was remedied by a doctor in Kingstown.

On Wednesday, Adams told SEARCHLIGHT “I could see as clear as ever now, nothing worrying me.”

Burke, a resident of Byera, said she was embraced by the Adams family when she worked as the Principal of the Park Hill Government School.

The now retired principal, also served at the South Rivers Methodist School.

One of Adams’ sons, Renalza Adams said his mother was “father and mother to us.”

“She brought us up in the fear of God.”

Other relatives also paid tribute to the birthday lady, and she was overjoyed to share her special day with her great great granddaughter, Aeja Billingy.
Billingy also celebrated her 8th birthday on Wednesday, November 23.


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