Minister of Tourism Carlos James
November 11, 2022
Tourism Minister responds to social media allegations

Minister of Tourism, Carlos James has responded to a post on social media over the weekend with allegations against him, by denying the claims that were made by an unknown source.

The Member of Parliament for North Leeward described the allegations via a Facebook post as “simply unfounded, false and defamatory”, before he reminded the public that one can be held liable for sharing or republishing defamatory statements.

James who is also a lawyer said “While I understand the excitement for salacious gossip, there are things we simply take too far. It was brought to my attention of a post circulating on social media regarding an alleged incident purporting to involve ‘a recent contestant in the Miss SVG 2022 pageant’ and a ‘Registered Nurse’. This is simply unfounded, false and defamatory,” he said.

“We ought to be mindful of people’s reputation when sharing and circulating defamatory statements.

“While we are trying to ascertain the origin of this post, I want to remind the general public that you too can be liable for sharing or republishing defamatory statements,” the Tourism Minister pointed out.

“I hope that we can all be guided accordingly and refrain from damaging the reputation of others.”