Vincentian receives awards for  exemplary performance in  entrepreneurship and agribusiness
Daree Myers, received awards for exemplary academic performance at the UWI
November 4, 2022
Vincentian receives awards for exemplary performance in entrepreneurship and agribusiness

A Vincentian who recently received awards for exemplary academic performance at the UWI wants to help revolutionize the agricultural sector in the region.

Daree Myers, who graduated from the University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine campus on October 27 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship feels that agriculture is not given the attention it deserves.

“…There is so much more that can be done to revolutionize the sector in the region. The service sector and industry have seen technology be applied to them to the highest degree, improving efficiency, yet agriculture has been stuck with the same archaic techniques.

“I want to show people that the field is more than just ploughing land and sowing seeds and that agriculture is very much a science. Agriculture is the reason we eat, so it ought to be paid the attention it deserves,” Mayers told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

The 2017 national scholar graduated at the top of his class with first class honours; a GPA of 4.05; the The Entrepreneurship Major Prize – awarded for the best performance in Entrepreneurship as a major in years II and III; and The T.P. Lecky Award – donated by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), for the best performance in all the degrees in the Faculty of Agriculture over years I to III. He shared the latter two prizes with his classmate Justin Edwards of Trinidad and Tobago.

He is currently pursuing an MSc in Food Security at the UWI St. Augustine Campus.

“Thereafter, I plan to bring noticeable changes to regional food security alongside the other students in my degree programme by combining the concepts and issues surrounding food security with the skills obtained in my undergrad programme.”

The 24-year-old resident of Rillan Hill says he always had a knack for entrepreneurship, but his appreciation for agriculture came about when he observed the success of his friend, Josh Mounsey in that field.

He said he has always been motivated to try his best at anything he does, even when faced with the most trying of life’s circumstances.

“Failure discourages me, success motivates me, and achievement fulfils me,” said Myers, a former student of the St Vincent Grammar School.

He shared that he never set a goal to be at the top of his class, but values success, which results in him putting his pride on the line when faced with a task.

“Good things happen when you put your pride on the line,” he remarked.

Myers said in order to perform as exceptionally as he did, he had to embrace the challenges and endure the frustration of the deadlines.

“I told myself I had to get it done. Prioritizing my mental health also played a major role, and that entails getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising: school becomes easier when you take care of yourself.”

Daree is the son of Derek Myers and Agnes Bascombe.