Parents of deceased teen ‘hurt’ by absence of information on outcome of the case
Clevaon (left) and Clourn Huggins (right)
November 4, 2022
Parents of deceased teen ‘hurt’ by absence of information on outcome of the case

Grieving parents of a son who died in a vehicular accident are questioning why they were not given notice about the sentencing hearing of the man charged in connection with his death.

Clevaon and Clourn Huggins are the parents of Clevique Huggins, a 15-year-old who died October 14, 2018. The teen, along with six others from Magum, were riding in the pan of a pickup truck travelling from South Rivers to Magum when it collided with a truck and then hit a retaining wall along the Langley Park road.

The pan riders were thrown from the vehicle, resulting in the death of Clevique as well as 17-year-old Denroy Baptiste.

In November 2018, the driver of the vehicle, Bazzroy Brackin, also of Magum, was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and the case was adjudicated on October 21, 2022.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, the grieving husband and wife claim that there was no information provided to them about the date of the sentencing, or the outcome of the case.

Clourn said she was informed that the case had been closed during a conversation on October 23 with her daughter. Clourn added that she searched the internet for information about the outcome but was unable to find anything.

“We don’t even know when the case finish. Is on the road now that I come to know. We live in the same village, I saw the boy [Brackin] dressed on Friday [October 21] morning, so I suspect he might be go court. I am Clevique mother. I supposed to know what go on. Me don’t know how court start and how it finish.”

The mother of three, said she believes the family should have been informed during each phase of the case. Clourn described the treatment by the court and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution as “disrespectful” and said it has opened up fresh wounds about her son’s death.

“I ain’t pleased about it, it hurt me. I can’t function, I can’t even sleep. He is a human being. That is my child. We need to know what go on in court. It look like Clevique ain’t have nobody behind him so nobody know what go on. Everything cover down in the pot so me tell me husband me go take off the pot cover today.”

Clourn explained that she received a telephone call from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution on October 18 during which she was told that notice of the sentencing would be given to the family.

“They called and told me to come in to give a statement. She asked what compensation I want and I say no amount of money could bring back my child. She asked us if, on the day of the sentencing if we want to be there. We did not give her a positive answer, so she told us that she would get back to us concerning what is happening about the case. She did not give us a date to say that the sentencing is going to be on Friday [October 21]. She didn’t tell us nothing.”

Clourn revealed that she was diagnosed with depression after her son’s death and the events over the last week have been emotionally triggering for her.

“After I bury my son that is when I couldn’t sleep at night. Sometimes my head start pounding … if not for the grace of God I would done bury behind my son. If I had to sit down right now and study this thing that the case finish and I don’t know, what you think will happen? I cant bear it.”

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Brackin pleaded guilty and was handed a sentence of seven years suspension of his license and was bonded for three years, but this information could not be confirmed with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution up to press time.

The parents explained that when they heard the news of the conclusion of the case, they sought an audience at the Office of the High Court in Kingstown, as well as the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution on November 1 but they were not able to receive any satisfactory answers as to why they were not notified of the sentencing date.

“We went High Court first to get some information and them say they don’t have no information, so we have to deal with the DPP.

We there real long and all they telling we is hold on. They need to explain to the public and to the parents how this case really went.”

The Huggins family say they feel as if they were robbed of the opportunity to gain closure by not having the opportunity to attend the sentencing hearing last month and they are calling on the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution to offer a formal apology to those involved.

SEARCHLIGHT reached out to the Director of Public Prosecution for a comment, however, up to press time no response had been made.