CDC draws flak for not live streaming the Miss SVG pageant
Coordinator of Shows of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Anthony Dennie
November 4, 2022
CDC draws flak for not live streaming the Miss SVG pageant

by Jada Chambers

Recent bad experiences led to the decision to not livestream the Miss SVG pageant, the CDC claims.

The Miss SVG Pageant 2022, in which Jada Ross was crowned is said to have been one of the best attended pageants in recent times, with tickets being completely sold out one to two hours prior to the event.

However, the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), producers of the pageant, has received criticism as many were left disappointed and ‘offended’ that the show was not streamed live online.

At a press conference on Monday, a member of the media shared his concerns with Minister of Tourism and Culture Carlos James.

“The CDC would do 30 minutes of broadcast [of the Red Carpet] and at the end of the broadcast, they would put on the screen that if you want to view the show, come down to Arnos Vale. It’s not everybody could come down to Arnos Vale, so if you’re not streaming, just leave it alone,” said Asberth Williams.

He further stated that an online poll had been conducted to seek the public’s opinion on if the show should be live streamed and despite the majority voting in favour of it, the people’s choice was disregarded without an explanation.

Williams said the decision to not livestream the event as a “Pay Per View” was a missed opportunity to earn revenue.

“…Of course, we have to look at the numbers, the production, the cost…,” Minister James said in response, adding that the CDC would be “best placed” to answer the question given their experiences with Pay Per View and livestreaming in the past.

SEARCHLIGHT reached out to Coordinator of Shows of the CDC Anthony Dennie who said that the online poll and the Red Carpet were primarily initiatives of the Beauty Shows Committee.

He stated that the poll was done just to get a feel for what was the thinking on the ground, but the ultimate decision with regard to having the live stream was up to the CDC.

He explained that the decision to broadcast the Red Carpet had been made a very long time ago and it was “somewhat done” to advertise the pageant and create momentum for the actual event.

Dennie said the CDC has experienced challenges regarding the live streaming of their events in the past.

“Someone who watched the stream would’ve replicated online, as a matter of fact on Facebook and that hurt us terribly, especially with the Soca Monarch event. We were able to locate the person after some serious searching but by the time that happened, the damage was done….”

In relation to persons being offended, Dennie said there was no intent to be disrespectful to anyone, being local or the diaspora, if it came across that way, we do apologise.”

James however announced that a packaged production of the Miss SVG pageant will be broadcast this weekend for those in the diaspora and Vincentians at home who were unable to see the show or who were busy back stage.

The Miss SVG pageant took place at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex on Saturday, October 29.