Miss SVG journey an emotional roller coaster – Jada Ross
Sharikah Rodney (right), the longest reigning queen in the history of the Miss SVG pageant ended her reign on the night of the show when she crowned Miss Lotto, Jada Ross as the new Miss SVG.
November 1, 2022
Miss SVG journey an emotional roller coaster – Jada Ross

Miss SVG 2022, Jada Ross has expressed joy after winning the competition on Saturday night despite a difficult journey towards the crown.

Ross described her journey as a “character building exercise in many different aspects.”

The 21-year-old said that her experience was also an emotional roller coaster, trying to deal with everything that came her way.

Despite this, Ross said she had a goal in mind, knew exactly how she wanted to feel on October 29, and that helped her throughout the entire process.

She felt her high point on the night of the show was her talent, relating that people have been meeting her on the street and extending congratulations on her talent, an act which was titled “crazy decent’.

Ross explained that she was portraying herself as a woman who had different personalities throughout different days of the week as a result of cocaine abuse.

“My message behind it was to let people know that you should not neglect the persons of your family or friends that have been diagnosed with mental health conditions, because they are humans too and they didn’t ask to be put under these conditions.

“Sometimes, its just little issues that they have, that they decided this would give them peace of mind and it turned them into a whole different mental state than they would’ve preferred or saw coming.” Ross said.

Miss SVG explained that the script and direction for her talent came from Kendal “Chow minister” Burke, and Samantha Thompson, her talent coordinator who was flown in from Jamaica.

She conceptualised and created her own costume.

Ross said she didn’t think she was weak in any of her performances because she trained very hard and thought herself to be very consistent.

“I decided when we were all standing there that what is to be of this experience will be, and I know for a fact that my take away from it is that I have grown, I have evolved and there is nothing better than the spiritual growth you can receive from experiences”.

She thanked the people who turned out on the night of the show to support her as well as everyone else who supported her throughout the journey.

She also recognized the seven other contestants saying “they all deserved to win on Saturday night and they deserve the amount of recognition I’ve been receiving as well”.

Ross will receive a university scholarship as part of her prize for taking the Miss SVG title.