The five Clare Valley residents who perished at Old Sandy Bay will be buried side by side
October 16, 2022
Clare Valley 5 being buried side-by-side at Chauncey cemetery (+ videos)

Crowds of people numbering in the hundreds have turned out today for the burial of the five Clare Valley men who perished in the Old Sandy Bay vehicular crash.

The joint funeral service was held at the Clare Valley playing field with tributes pouring in for the five residents who lost their lives in a tragic vehicular accident on September 11.

The congregation was also addressed by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday and Parliamentary Representative for South Leeward Nigel ‘Nature’ Stephenson.

The funeral came to a close around 3 pm.

Family friends and members of the community followed the hearses on a long walk to the Chauncey cemetery after which the caskets were removed and transported by mourners to the burial site.

The funeral procession featured a music truck playing gospel tracks.

The five men are being laid to rest side by side.