THE EIGHT CONTESTANTS in this month’s Miss SVG show
October 14, 2022
Miss SVG Contestants exude confidence ahead of pageant (+Video)

The eight contestants in this month’s Miss SVG show held an interactive session with the media on Wednesday, October during which they shared what motivated them to enter the contest.

Miss CEDCO, Shannon John told SEARCHLIGHT that she chose to enter the pageant because she wanted to push her self outside of the box. The 26 year old said “I’ve never done pageantry before, but perseverance, peer pressure and determination got me here so I am happy to get this far because I thought that I would’ve given up because it is a lot of work.”

Shadyn Mclean who describes herself as an optimistic person said “It was a lot of consideration on my part but ultimately it was something that I wanted to do. It was a challenge that I proudly accepted and it was just for me to convince myself that you can do it so just go for it.”

The nursing student, Miss Davyn, said further that it has been hectic for her managing school and preparing for the pageant.

“It is a very fulfilling journey and a journey I don’t regret coming on…”

Arielle Olliverre, Miss St Vincent Brewery Ltd who is a resident of Stubbs, based her community service project as an advocate for the differently abled. She described her project as an “amazing experience.” Ollivierre said that teaching sign language at the Stubbs government school was “extremely enlightening” adding that she reached out to some persons with disabilities who were able to assure her that they are willing to continue the activities that she did during her project when the pageant is finished.

Miss Intransit Export, Rockel Coombs, a police officer from Vermont said that her community project was a success because “There were a lot of elderly people within my community, and youth that competed in different sporting activities such as netball, football and even cricket.”

“ I want to encourage the youths that sports can take you very far and sports can also make you have discipline within yourself and have time management.”

Miss Play 4, Pallavi Browne advised ladies who may be interested in the Miss SVG pageant that “Women you are the future, I think that anything you put your mind to you can achieve; do it, always believe in yourself that you can do it.” She said she will advise any young lady to enter the pageant because it is a great opportunity not only for the scholarship but the skills they would gain such as self-development, leadership, and communication skills.

And Shanya Peters, Miss FLOW said that her advice to other ladies is “Start preparing now because it is not an easy journey. To be very honest with you, it is… a very difficult one and I think you have to start preparing mentally, financially and you have to be disciplined because there are days when the committee [has] training where they would would want us to be present and we have to make that time.”

Jada Ross, Miss Lotto, said she intends to put on a remarkable performance as she always does because she loves the performing arts which is one of her passions.
“I am confident that I will perform well in every single category, I’ve been working very tirelessly to ensure that every single one is done to a T…”

Tanique Swift, Miss Massy Stores said that on the night of the show “I must say to expect nothing but my greatest effort. I will do my best. I have lots in store for you, it will be a package that no one will …expect.”

The Miss SVG Pageant will be held at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex on October 29.