Sandy Bay Primary School gives thanks as they celebrate 20 years of excellence
STAFF OF THE Sandy Bay Government School during the thanksgiving ceremony to mark the school’s 20th anniversary
October 7, 2022
Sandy Bay Primary School gives thanks as they celebrate 20 years of excellence

THE SANDY Government School celebrated it’s 20th anniversary with a thanksgiving service on the school’s compound on Monday, October 3. However, prior to this building there was the Sandy Bay Anglican School and a school at Old Sandy Bay, making it 67 years since Primary School education has been available to students in that community North of the Rabacca Dry River.


The Sandy Bay Government School was constructed in 2002.

From 2002 to the present, the school has had three principals: Lionel Thomas, St Elbert Walters and the present principal, Hepcie Roberts.

Monday’s anniversary was observed under the theme “20 years of overcoming challenges, rekindling minds for global education.”

The principal gave God thanks and praise for seeing the school through the past 20 years.

She noted that over the years, there were several challenges, “but this did not deter us from striving for excellence.”

In reality, primary education in Sandy Bay has existed for the past 87 years, but it has been 20 years since the government took full control for the administration of what was then the Sandy Bay Anglican School.

In providing a brief history of the school, teacher, Cheryl Stay said the school originally began in Old Sandy Bay in 1935.

As a result of a massive flood the school had to move from Old Sandy Bay, and the Sandy Bay Anglican School was started in 1957.

She expressed gratitude to principals and teachers who served in the past.

Stay added that the school is now “rising from the ash” as a result of the 2021 volcanic eruptions and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deputy Prime Minister, Montgomery Daniel and his wife Jacqueline, are former teachers at the school.

They were both in attendance at Monday’s anniversary service.