Residents making good use of free white goods service – CWSA (+video)
WHITE GOODS dumped at the Diamond landfill
October 4, 2022
Residents making good use of free white goods service – CWSA (+video)

THE CENTRAL WATER and Sewerage Authority’s Solid Waste Management Unit wrapped up its white goods collection service for 2022 at the weekend.

And Marketing Manager of the CWSA, Joan Ryan has appealed to residents to properly dispose of their ‘white goods’ throughout the rainy season. Ryan told SEARCHLIGHT, “When you look at some of the landslides that take place in communities, when you look at the contents of the stuff that comes off the bank sites, you can clearly see some items are white goods.” She further appealed, “Please have a day within your home for white goods clean up day when you know that we are going to be doing white goods collection in September or in February. Have a clean up day, pull the stuff together in one area and on the day of your waste collection, put them out and avoid the kind of land slippage that can take place.” The white goods collection service started in 2011, in which truck loads of white waste were collected and taken to the landfills at Diamond and Belle Isle but Ryan said progressively each year the amount has gotten smaller.

“ The very first collection that we had the volume of waste- we had perhaps over 407 something truckloads of garbage that was removed for that period. We organise it in such a way that on the date of your regular garbage collection, your white goods would be collected alongside it,”Ryan explained.

“Persons are definitely making good use of the service that is being offered, when you go around the country, it’s difficult to see where the items are,”Ryan told SEARCHLIGHT. The CWSA will usually put out a flyer ahead of the start of collection which takes place in each community on the regular garbage disposal days.

In addition to alerting residents of about the days of the service, the flyer also states what are classified as ‘white goods’.

These include stoves, fridges, computers, bed frames, barrels and barrel covers, among other specific items.

The service is offered to residents during the last week in February and September each year.

PUBLIC RELATIONS and Marketing Manager – Joan Ryan

Therefore the September 26-October 1 collection days were the last for 2022.

As of Monday, October 3, the Solid Waste Management Unit had not yet completed quantifying the volume of white goods collected last week, but a number of residents had taken advantage of this free service to get rid of unwanted items from around the home.

The staff of the Unit is proud of the white goods collection day; they believe it is a beneficial service that has greatly reduced the volume of such waste in communities across the state.