Residents of Park Hill at the official opening of the Park Hill Evangelical Church Student Support Programme on Saturday, September 24 at the Park Hill Evangelical Church.
October 4, 2022
Park Hill students facing academic challenges get free tutoring from Evangelical Church

The Park Hill Evangelical Church is reaching out to that community and its environs not only with the Gospel, but by also providing educational support through a Students Support programme.

On Monday October 3, Pastor, Conroy Huggins said the Student Support Programme arose out of a need which was recognized during a meeting after he became pastor in 2019.

“At the meeting, we recognized that there were students in the community who were facing academic challenges, and needed support.”

He said that the programme was planned since October, 2019 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 volcanic eruptions, and other challenges.

However, it was officially launched on Saturday, September 24 at the Park Hill Evangelical Church.

It caters for primary school students from Grade K to Grade 6, and also for students at Secondary School and college.

A team of teachers is already assigned to the first batch of students and there are also other teachers who have given their commitment to being part of the support group for students in secondary school and college.

Pastor Huggins said at present, close to 20 primary school students are already in attendance on Saturdays.

Although the church is located in Park Hill, Pastor Huggins said there is an open invitation for students from nearby communities such as South Rivers, Colonarie and Mt Greenan.

Even before the support programme became a reality, members of the Park Hill Evangelical Church had been reaching out to students in the community.

Pastor Huggins, who is a graduate teacher recalled an intervention that was made in 2020.

He said while students were preparing for the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) in 2020 the church provided schools in the area with the workbook “Let’s pass CPEA” in each of the subject areas.

These copies were given to schools in Colonarie, Park Hill and South Rivers.

The Student Support Programme is being coordinated by primary school teacher, Brian DaBreo of Park Hill.

It is free for all students and is aimed at providing academic assistance to those who are challenged in the various subject areas.

Additionally, the church has been embarking on a back to school drive since 2020.

This is where needy students are assisted annually with school supplies.

Pastor Huggins stressed that all these activities are part of the Park Hill Evangelical Church’s way of “serving it’s entire community.”