Building material imported to repair volcano-damaged houses
September 30, 2022
Building material imported to repair volcano-damaged houses

GOVERNMENT HAS recently imported over $5 million in building materials to continue with the rebuilding process in the aftermath of the explosive eruption of La Soufriere volcano in 2021.

Acting Prime Minister, Montgomery Daniel said on NBC Radio on Wednesday, September 28 that the housing materials were imported from Tankweld Ltd in Jamaica.

Daniel, who is also Minister of Transport and Works said $5.3 million in building materials were imported last week and will be stored in facilities at Arnos Vale and Campden Park.

Already, the Roads Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) has done $2.5 million worth of repairs to 471 houses which were damaged during the eruptions.

The Minister explained that these repairs were carried out on houses which had minimal damage.

On average, each of these houses cost just over five thousand dollars to repair, the Minister explained.

For some months now, there was a shortage of building materials and there are still 700 houses with minimal damage to be repaired.

Additionally,129 houses which were seriously damaged have also been repaired.

Minister Daniel said these houses were repaired at a cost of $3.7 million; but there are still more

than 100 houses with significant damage, that need to be repaired.

“It is difficult under the circumstances, but work is ongoing,” Daniel commented.

An additional 21 houses are to be constructed at Orange Hill to house families who were displaced by the volcanic eruptions.

This new housing project is being funded by the Mustique Charitable Trust and the work will be carried out by BRAGSA.

Minister Daniel said the land is now being cleared and the road net work is being developed for the new housing project at Orange Hill.

Government recently distributed 27 houses to families at Orange Hill who also were displaced as a result of the volcanic eruptions.

The minister said on Wednesday that application has already been made to have street lights installed in the new settlement.