September 30, 2022
$45 million proposed for road rehabilitation

THE GOVERNMENT is expected to embark on a comprehensive $45 million road rehabilitation programme to begin in 2023.

Acting Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel said the intention is that $15 million will be spent per year for the next three years to road development and road repairs outside of the current rapid road repair programme, the Agency for Public Information (API) said in a release.

Minister Daniel who was speaking on NBC Radio said as more road development takes place, it is only practical that more funds are allocated to deal with road maintenance and repairs.

“I am going to put forward a project to the Ministry of finance for the budgetary process for 2023, this is a programme for the next three years…that am putting forward this project for 15 million dollars per year for the next three years,” the Transport and works Minister said.

The government institutes a yearly road repair programme that is carried out by the Roads, Bridges and General Services Authority (BRAGSA).