Bequia SDA happy but not satisfied with school’s performance
September 23, 2022
Bequia SDA happy but not satisfied with school’s performance

THE BEQUIA SEVENTH Day Adventist Secondary School is “happy but not satisfied” with the school’s performance in this year’s Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) examination.

The school, which returned an overall pass rate of 81.20 per cent, ranked fourth overall for the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). This is a 13.16 per cent decline from their performance in 2021, when they ranked second with a pass rate of 94.36 per cent.

The school’s top performer was Tristan Simmons with 10 subject passes.

“I don’t think our reaction was different from previous years, we’re happy and we’re not satisfied, but we’re happy…,” principal, Morrie Hercules told SEARCHLIGHT on Thursday.

He explained that he isn’t satisfied with this year’s results because it is not the best that could have been done.

“That is not the best that we could’ve done and we have experienced a decrease in performance this year…so we can’t be happy with the decrease.”

The principal highlighted that the school returned 100 per cent passes in all the business subjects, Family & Resource Management, as well as in Food, Nutrition & Health.

He however noted that the main area of challenge was mathematics.

“We did have some challenges, we didn’t have a resident math teacher nor an accounts teacher residing here…”

Despite this, he said that the school received help from other teachers.

“We think with a better attitude from the students, they could have done much better because that too was a challenge,” Hercules said.

His message to the students who sat the exams this year as they move on in life is to “put the effort necessary for success and change their attitudes where it needs changing.”

He concluded, “I still think I have to attribute the success to God because I believe God has been blessing us.”