Belair Primary recognises top performers for 2022
back row (l-r) PTA President Joseph Bascombe, FLOW SVG Ltd. Marketing representatives Kimeto Franklyn, Dazz Arthur, Klairon De Freitas, and Principal Carmillie Nichols-Bascombe pose with the awardees
September 20, 2022
Belair Primary recognises top performers for 2022

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the Belair Primary School held its annual prize-giving ceremony last Friday, September 16 at which the most outstanding students from Grades K-5 were recognized for their performance in the just ended school year.

In Grade K, the outstanding students were: Ariyah Roberts, Caleb Nichols and Andrea Badnock.

In Grade 1, the top performer was Amari Williams. In Grade 2 Chance Franklyn was the most outstanding, and K’Nia Findlay was most outstanding in Grade 3.

Chase Franklyn was the most outstanding student in Grade 4H, while Tyrese Ambrose was most outstanding in Grade 4S; and Romaur Thomas topped for Grade 5.

The prize-giving and awards ceremony was introduced in 2018 by the current PTA executive which is led by Joseph Bascombe.

In his address at Friday’s ceremony, Bascombe explained that “The purpose of this initiative is to encourage students to strive for excellence in all areas of their social and academic development. I do not believe that we must wait until they get to secondary and tertiary schools to acknowledge and recognize their true potential.” He said they need to be encouraged on a constant basis.

“I am also glad to see that some of the names are reappearing on the list of outstanding students each year. It means that there is a level of consistency in the performances,” Bascombe commented.

He noted however that some names are no longer on the list of outstanding performers.

“Although there may not be a cause for immediate concern, I am hopeful that this situation would be monitored. These students need to reclaim their place on the yearly list of outstanding students,” the PTA president said.

He also expressed hope that those who had never made the list would be motivated to do so as the programme is on-going.

“For the first time this year we were able to secure financing for the top three 2022 CPEA performers. We the PTA for the first time were also able to secure financing for five under-privileged students which would secure their entry into a secondary school,” Bascombe said.

During the ceremony Bascombe was himself presented with a surprise award from the teachers at the school.