Civic Centre being constructed in Marriaqua constituency
(Left) St.Clair 'Jimmy' Prince and (Right) Orando Brewster
September 13, 2022
Civic Centre being constructed in Marriaqua constituency

A modern, state of the art community centre is being constructed at Hopewell in the constituency of Marriaqua. When completed, the facility would contain an administrative office, computer room, auditorium, classrooms and stage area, among other amenities.

Parliamentary Representative for Marriaqua, St. Clair Prince and Minister of Housing, Orando Brewster recently visited the site at Hopewell, close to an area referred to as dry river, to get a view of the progress of construction.

In an interview with the Agency for Public Information (API), minister Prince said the facility is not the average community centre, it is a multi-purpose hub intended to serve the needs of the people of the community. The area representative noted that there would be ongoing activities and developmental programmes at the centre.

Minister Brewster said work is taking place on a number of community centres across the state.

Upon completion, the facility will be named the Marriaqua Civic Centre.

This project has an estimated cost of EC$6 million with work projected to be completed within a year.