YouTube Rider still undergoing painful recovery one year after  accident (+video)
Ronnie “Youtube Rider” Miller
September 9, 2022
YouTube Rider still undergoing painful recovery one year after accident (+video)

One year after a horrific bike accident left him struggling to recover function in three of his limbs, ‘Youtube rider’ still needs surgery in order to walk.

Ronnie Miller had no need for drinking, nor smoking but instead he got his thrills from “burning the road”.

However, on June 13, 2021, he nearly lost his life for his love of biking.

Ronnie “Youtube Rider” Miller’s badly damaged leg.

“June the 13th was the day of the downfall of my going forward,” he recounted to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, September 7.

He remembers travelling in Calliaqua, heading to the bakery, but suddenly having his path blocked by a vehicle coming out of a side road.

“I try pull to the other direction but the speed I was travelling with it was so difficult to manoeuvre the bike to go that way and pull it back this way, so I end up went straight,” he said.

Everything happened in a split second, Miller couldn’t remember anything after landing in front of the Calliaqua police station
and being taken to the hospital.

The doctors who conducted surgery had to put pins and steel to reinforce one of his limbs, and Miller said his kneecap was shattered.

“The kneecap is totally gone, it’s over with, there’s nothing there,” he said on Wednesday, “…At the time of the accident, when I was in the hospital dem did leave the fragment inside there hoping that they could reconstruct the leftovers, but I needed blood at that time so by the time them went back in surgery like a couple weeks after the bones, they say the kneecap bones was already corroded.”

Since then, Miller has gone through a harrowing journey. Besides the initial problems of extreme pain, needing morphine constantly and needing blood donors, after he was discharged from the hospital Miller used one arm to crawl around when three of his limbs weren’t functioning at full capacity.

“I did stuck with limited options. The options like: basically be confined within me bed structure which don’t move and wait on somebody fuh help me or just, basically just give up. But the willing person I am and the fighting human I am decide to use this hand here as best as I can,” he said.

“I was limited to the ground, I was more like a ground crawler,” he recalled.

A Gofundme account was set up, and it is said to have amassed $3000 before it dwindled.

As it stands now, he still cannot walk or stand on the leg with the kneecap problem.

“It’s a kind of struggle for get back to society and I’ve been like this over the past year asking for be reunited with society and I haven’t been successful yet but I still keeping the faith strong,” he noted.

“Being inside sit down 24/7, seven days a week ain really the best for a human being. I try over and over for try get useful thoughts and stuff you know that every day is gonna be different but that hope, it’s slipping.”

The father to one infant (who lives overseas) was asked whether he had suicidal thoughts during his journey, he responded, “To tell you the honest truth I’ve [thought] about it one or a few times but I cannot still bring meself to that conclusion.”

“It have been there but I’ve just never been able to fulfill it. I don’t know if, probably later if I spend a couple more years like this I don’t know you know, you never know but that’s something I never really could bring myself to be a part of,” he added.

In terms of any messages he had to send out, Miller wishes to thank everyone who donated to him “financially or spiritually.”

He claimed that the surgery he needs to fix his leg is around US$40,000.

Miller posts updates on his Facebook page Silver Fox.