Volcano victims glad for their new homes at Orange Hill
Eva Lavia (left) with her grandchildren Kyle and Jahilia
September 6, 2022
Volcano victims glad for their new homes at Orange Hill

Eva Lavia is one of the 27 homeowners who were presented with keys to their new homes at Overland at an official ceremony last Thursday, September 1.

The resident who formerly lived at Sandy Bay told SEARCHLIGHT that after returning to her village from the shelter where she and others lived while La Soufriere was erupting, she had nowhere to live.

“Me house did mash down,” Lavia said as she recalled explaining that the heavy ash fall from the explosive volcanic eruptions in 2021 destroyed her home.

Lavia sought refuge at the home of one of her daughters in Sandy Bay.

The middle aged woman expressed delight at being able to move into a brand new house at Orange Hill.

Lavia and eight members of her family are now living comfortably in their new home.

Wilbert Baptiste is another happy recipient of a house at Orange Hill.

Wilbert Baptiste


Baptiste told SEARCHLIGHT that he lived near to the Overland River and had to be relocated.

“They doing work by the river, so they move me and put me here.”

Baptiste said he is happy and comfortable with his new two bedroom house.

Another new home owner, Kathy Lavia lived with her family at Trench Town in Sandy Bay.

Kathy Lavia

The family’s two bedroom house was destroyed in the eruptions.

After returning from a shelter, the family lived in rented accommodation until they were given the keys to their own home last week.

“It is really a blessing to get back a house,” the young mother said, as she expressed gratitude to the government.