Gonsalves promises ‘magical uptake’ in tech-voc education
August 30, 2022
Gonsalves promises ‘magical uptake’ in tech-voc education

Government will place an even greater emphasis on Technical and Vocational Education to ensure a necessary economic shift.

This was the assurance of prime minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves who recently assumed the portfolio for education at the tertiary and secondary levels, according to a release from the Agency for Public Information (API).

Speaking on radio on Monday, Gonsalves stressed the need for a major thrust in technical/vocational education “beyond what we have now….in order to provide the manpower for the paradigm shift in the economy.”

The prime minister said that with a veritable boom in the construction sector there is a shortage of skilled workers as many of them have taken up opportunities regionally and further afield.

And that contractors on major projects have even asked permission for skilled workers to be brought into the country.

“Contractors are asking me for work permits to bring in skilled carpenters, skilled masons, skilled plumbers….so young people who are listening, get on board with these skills and for those with the skills,make sure you check the Ministry of Education, and get the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications sorted out, Gonsalves urged.