August 19, 2022
New Geriatric facility will be better equipped – Minister

A new Lewis Punnett Geriatric Facility is to be constructed to better meet the needs of the residents.

Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves said when completed, this new Geriatric Care facility will be better equipped and configured to meet modern requirements and standards in the field of care for the elderly.

The finance minister, while speaking at a press briefing on August 9, said this is yet another significant investment in the field of health.

The residents of the Lewis Punnett Home are being housed temporarily at the refurbished old Nurses Hostel at Stoney Ground.

Gonsalves also took the opportunity to outline a number of other projects that are ongoing and others which are set to commence in 2023.

The Acute Care Hospital will be constructed at an approximate cost of over $200 million EC dollars, The Port Modernisation Project EC $675 million, The Holiday Inn Express at Diamond EC $54 million, The Volcano Eruption Emergency Programme (VEEP), bridges, houses over EC $150 million, EC $46 million for the ongoing construction and repairs of schools across the country, Beaches Sandals $ 500 million.

The Finance Minister said “an incredible amount of work will be taking place over the next couple years in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and if you total up the numbers, it’s going to be well over $2 billion dollars worth of work taking place in the country which contributes significantly to our recovery.” (API)