FIVE STUDENTS WERE awarded scholarships by the Public Service Union. Eight others were awarded bursaries
August 16, 2022
Five students receive PSU scholarships

THE St Vincent and the Grenadines Public Service Union (PSU) has awarded scholarships to five children who were successful in the 2022 CPEA examination.

The successful candidates, who are children of members, received the first disbursement of their scholarships from the Chair of the Education Committee Sis. Gweneth Baptiste-Stoddard at a small award ceremony held at the Union’s headquarters on August 4, 2022.

Feature speaker Latique Browne, a former scholarship holder of the PSU, gave inspirational and motivational encouragement to both parents and students who were in attendance.

Five of 20 students who applied will benefit from the scholarship program.

Four applicants were awarded scholarships based on academic performance, and one student received a disadvantaged scholarship based on the Union’s education policy.

In addition, the student will receive $1000 for each year and a supplementary allowance for transportation.

The unsuccessful applicants will receive a one-time bursary.

The scholarship recipients were: Nicoya Francis, Izayah Charles – Ross, Shania Davis, Aaron Mc-Donald, and Neri Gittens.

The following received onetime bursaries: Jordan Black, Luke Simon, Alexa Mason, Haley McDowall,Triston George, Taquez Jackson, Johanna Burgin and Karlen Browne.

The PSU said in a release “The SVG Public Service Union is committed to providing the financial support necessary to enable all deserving and accomplished young people to pursue higher education. The Union takes this opportunity to thank members for their continued support and congratulate all successful candidates. We wish them all the best in the future.You have made us very proud!”