Some members of Scholarship committee with Keziah and Dad, principal of the KPS Susan Abraham, Jordan Hamlett and Cleo Huggins
August 12, 2022
12-year-old is first recipient of the Enole Lawrence Memorial Scholarship

A twelve-year-old pupil from the Kingstown Preparatory School is the first recipient of the Enole Lawrence Memorial Scholarship.

Keziah Alexis was presented with the first disbursement of her scholarship recently; on the same day she celebrated her 12th birthday.

The Enole Lawrence Memorial Scholarship was established in honour of the late Enole Lawrence, former Operating Manager of VC3, former carnival queen contestant and ardent supporter of culture, education and the arts in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Jordan Hamlett son of Enole Lawrence presents Scholarship holder Keziah Alexis with first disbursement

Lawrence died on June 12, 2022, after a short illness. She was an active member of the Kalypso Kollege, the group which is spearheading the establishment and management of the Enole Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The ‘Kalypso Kollege’ comprises a group of ardent listeners and supporters of Kalypso College which is aired on Sweet Radio SVG, every Monday evening from eight in the evening. The ‘Kollegians’ chat group is a direct off shoot of the popular musical programme.

The Enole Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund is being administered by a core group comprising Chairman and host of the Kalypso College Stephen Huggins, Vice Chairman, Earl ‘Cabba’ Bennett, Secretary, Joy Mathews, Treasurer Jean Johnney- Findlay and Public Relations Officer Theresa Daniel.

Directors are Nicolas Lucas and Kojo Mason who both reside in the diaspora.

The first recipient of the Enole Lawrence Memorial Scholarship is from the primary school Enole Lawrence attended, the Kingstown Preparatory.

The scholarship will last for seven years all the way to Community College level.

The recipient, Keziah Alexis, a resident of Sion Hill will attend the St. Joseph’s Convent, Kingstown.

Keziah will also be provided with mentorship from within the Kollegians group.