A family is now homeless - From left at back: Shannese Neptune, Lucas (9 years old) and Shevelie Neptune. At front are Sofia, 3 years old and Shania, 4 years old.
July 26, 2022
Fire destroys house leaving six persons homeless

SIX PERSONS are now homeless after a fire destroyed their place of abode recently.

FIRE OF unknown origin destroying two-bedroom house at Byera Hill

The fire of unknown origin destroyed a two-bedroom house at Byera Hill on Saturday, July 16.

The house was owned by Stephen Neptune but was occupied by two of his daughters and four grandchildren.

One of the daughters, Shevelie Neptune said the fire started some time after 3 pm.

“I was home with the children, I went outside for a while and my daughter ran out saying ‘Fire’.”

“When I reached inside the house was already on fire and all we could do was run outside.”

Shevelie suffered minor burns on her arms and legs when she went into the house.

The young mother of four said three of her children lived at the house with her, along with her sister Shaneese and her daughter.

The two bedroom concrete and plywood house was completely destroyed by the fire.

“Neighbours tried to out the fire and the fire truck also came, but everything was lost.”

“It happened so fast,” “We did not get time to save anything,” the young mother recalled.