FROM LEFT: Donnie “Prince” Collins, Deighton Abbott with Danville Toney (far right)
July 15, 2022
Three artists showcase their skills at Kingstown Market exhibition

AN ART EXHIBITION held recently at the Kingstown Vegetable Market has proven to be a source of encouragement for the three artists whose work was on show.

Donnie Collins, Deighton Abbott and Danville Toney showcased their work on June 30 in Kingstown. They are thankful for the opportunity to display their artwork and for persons to have a better appreciation of the talent that exists in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Collins said he was encouraged to hold an exhibition by members of the public.

“…So the show really is not for me, because it is my work. I love it. I actually enjoy my work, enjoy my time doing it. What folks are saying, why not share it with the rest of the world; share with the rest of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Collins told SEARCHLIGHT.

The radio announcer said that the idea of an exhibition really gained traction when Toney shared that he and Abbott wanted to do a show and wondered if he would like to participate.

“So you know Donnie Collins when I come, I take over the things. So because of the work I do, I took over logistics and marketing and promotions of it.”

He said he has known Toney, originally from Byrea, and Abbott, from Georgetown, since he was in primary school.

Assessing the public’s response to viewing the paintings and purchasing, Collins said “I was not really expecting to sell hot bread, because even though bread raise this is not bread price. So I was not really expecting that we will get monumental sales today, that we are going to sell everything.”

The prices of the artwork vary, with Collins pointing out that some of his pieces cost as much as $6000.

“…and that is a very conservative. Not that I am in it to really make money, but outside of that, I am really glad to see that folks are finally recognizing that I am an artist.”

Abbott, another of the artists told SEARCHLIGHT that the response from the public was very good.

“It has been good. It is more than I expected. A lot of people came and were in awe.They did not expect that this space could have been transformed in such a way.They did not expect that level of talent.”

Toney was ecstatic about the response, telling SEARCHLIGHT: “I think the response is fairly good. Lots of persons came … not large crowds, but over the entire day, we had quite a lot of traffic in and out as the day went by.”

The three artistes are looking forward to having another exhibition, viewing the June 30 event as just the beginning.

“This is just the beginning of, I believe, a series of exhibitions that we would hold. I mean, this when we started initially was just an idea, and to exhibit some paintings that we have. But as we are talking it is evident that this would be something that would go on over a period of time, and you develop over time. We really would love the support of the Vincentian population, and even the visitors who come because, you know, art and tourism basically go hand in hand with each other.”