June 28, 2022
GHS Geography teacher publishes book- ‘Children of the Ash’

VINCENTIAN teacher/ author, Natasha Colette Marks has added yet another publication to her name.

Her latest book called, ‘Children of the Ash’ was officially launched at the St Martin Book Fair on June, 4.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Marks said Children of the Ash will be launched at home on July 12, to coincide with Caribbean Literature Day.

Marks who is a Geography teacher at the Girls’ High School said Children of the Ash is a poetry collection which she began writing shortly before the volcanic eruptions in April, 2021.

“I started writing these poems just before the volcano erupted, and I finished it in June of last year, ” Marks recalled.

“I have been teaching Geography for over 20 years, so I was really fascinated with the eruption.

“It’s one thing to teach children about the hazards of the ash, and then it’s a totally different thing to experience it.”

The poetry collection is dedicated to Vincentians, as the author feels “ we are all children of the ash.”

The publication comprises 100 pages of poetry and, “It chronicles the eruption of La Soufriere, and life in present day St Vincent,” Marks explained.

“So its like about the eruption, and its also an eruption of rage, about the societal ills like poverty and unemployment and rape culture.”

Children of the Ash was published in St Martin by the House of Nehesi Publishers, and Marks said it would be available locally at the launch on July 12 and also will be on sale at Gaymes Book Store.

Marks began writing professionally in 2011 when she published the book, ‘When Silence Speaks’. She later wrote and published: Memoirs of a Teacher (2012), and Plastered in Pretty (2018).The GHS teacher holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Management from the University of London.