June 24, 2022
Special Needs students at Bequia school excel at CPEA

STUDENTS from the Sunshine School for Children with Special Needs in Bequia have once again excelled at the CPEA examinations.

Following the release of results last weekend, a post was published on the school’s Facebook page, celebrating the successes of the three students-Troy Compton, Rosita Harris and Micaiah Francis who were registered to sit this year’s external examinations.

“…Despite not being provided with accommodations (reader nor extra time), 2 of the 3 passed the exam on their own. We are super proud of you three…continue to follow your dreams and remember ‘you can’ no matter what…” the post said.

Someone close to the school told SEARCHLIGHT this week that this is not the first time that the school has registered children to sit the CPEA.

In fact, students from the Sunshine School for Children with Special Needs are registered for CPEA at least every two years and it is reported that all students to date, have been successful.

One past student who sat the exam four years ago was recently awarded the George Phillips Excellence Award — an award presented by the Rotary Club to the most outstanding fourth form student at each of the 26 Secondary Schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Sunshine School for Children with Special Needs follows the syllabus, and preparing students for the CPEA does not differ from preparations that take place at mainstream schools.

The person who spoke to SEARCHLIGHT, who has experience working with children with special needs, noted that accommodation should be made in mainstream Secondary Schools to help students progress.

“Differentiated instruction will play a huge part here because students have different learning styles. We can’t expect them to all learn the same so this is where teachers in the mainstream Secondary Schools will come in. They will have to spend extra time planning etc. to accommodate all the students in their care,” she said.