St Clair Leacock
June 24, 2022
More public and private bathroom facilities needed in Kingstown – Leacock

Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown, Major St Clair Leacock has made an appeal for more public and private bathroom facilities be made available in capital city, Kingstown.
He made the call while speaking on the NDP’s New Times programme on Wednesday, June 22.

Leacock said that due to the absence of these facilities,Heritage Square is often used as a public bathroom.

“The stench is terrible,” Leacock stressed.

The NDP politician said because there are not enough of these facilities in Kingstown “too many people at different levels can be embarrassed at times.”

“We are not all of the same age group, we are not all of the same physical strength, and there are a lot of elderly people and senior citizens who are on the streets of
Kingstown, and too often have to depend on the generosity of a business place to accommodate them.” He noted as well that it should be a requirement for businesses to provide bathroom facilities depending on the size of their operations.

The Central Kingstown MP also raised concern about the condition of the male and female toilet facilities at Victoria Park.

“They are in a deplorable condition, the urinal is stained and stenched that you want to know if they don’t clean outside of functions,“Leacock complained.

Further, that the wash basins at the park are also obnoxious.

He pointed out however, that he is not blaming the National Lotteries Authority only for the condition of the toilets at the park, but also persons who use the facilities.

“Why do we have to have these very very low standards?” he questioned.