Dylan Pretli (right) and mom Simone Pretli
June 24, 2022
Dylan says there’s always room for improvement

Dylan Pretli of the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School who maintained good grades throughout his schooling placed fifth for boys and tenth overall at the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

The 11-year-old amassed 472 marks out of a possible total of 500, with his best subjects being Language and Mathematics for which he scored 70 out of 75 during the examination component.

“I feel proud of what I accomplished but I still feel like I could do a little bit better,” the naturally competitive student summarized during an interview on Wednesday, June 22.
Dylan is the son of Simone and Darren Pretli.

“We expected him to do well because he’s put a lot of work into it. We were ecstatic, it’s a very proud moment for his dad and his grandparents and for me. We’re extremely proud of him,” his mother noted.

When asked what kind of student Dylan is, she explained, “He has been a good student throughout St Mary’s. He’s been at the top of his class throughout. He doesn’t like to study but he puts in the work when he has to.”

The youngster also admitted that he had an urge to be in the top 10.

He had one free evening a week but for the others he studied, attended extra lessons and did past papers.

The 11-year-old admitted to having a challenge with online schooling.

“It wasn’t ideal,” he concluded, elaborating-“Didn’t have access to classroom knowledge, we couldn’t go for the full school time, we weren’t together so it was difficult to hear and listen for some students.”

However, in the end he did not find any difficulties with the exam itself.

When asked what advice he has for others aiming for the same top spots next year, the student said, “Study hard, work as much as you can but remember to take breaks ‘cos otherwise you’ll overwork yourself, and remember to pray because with God’s help you can succeed.”

The Taekwondo athlete and soccer player is now looking forward to attending the St Vincent Grammar School but before this will be going on a trip to France as a celebration.
Both he and his mother congratulated all the children who passed to attend the school of their choice.

The cousin of Kuba Francis, who placed first in the exams extended: “Congratulations Kuba, I’m glad you came first.”