ANTHONY DENNIE, CDC Shows Coordinator
June 24, 2022
CDC outlines new format for Junior Carnival

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) is promising an afternoon of excitement for the entire family at Junior Carnival tomorrow, Saturday, June 25.

The Junior Carnival event for Vincymas 2022 has two components this year, one part of which is dubbed “In the Clubhouse”.

“It’s gonna be a little different this year. We want to give the kids that opportunity to have their time on the road…to party as they say,” Anthony Dennie, the CDC’s Shows Coordinator said at a press conference on June 15.

Dennie explained that masqueraders will leave the National Lottery car park at about 1:00 p.m tomorrow, and parade through the streets of Kingstown and up to Heritage Square before ending in Victoria Park, where the second component — a fair — will be in full swing.

He anticipates that the parade will last for at least an hour and a half, and he appealed to adults to allow the children to party freely without interference.

“I know there is that…need for some to get involved and to party but that afternoon, let that be the afternoon for the children,” he said.

The Shows Coordinator said there is sure to be a “fair-like” atmosphere in Victoria Park, which officially begins at 12:00 p.m. Several attractions, including bouncing castles, slides, water rides and face painting will be a part of tomorrow’s activity.

A display of young and upcoming talent will also be featured on stage.

“It promises to be a very exciting afternoon so all families, bring your kids down and join in the fun,” Dennie said.

The cost of entry “In the Clubhouse” is set at $10 for children and $15 for adults.