Searchlight’s accountant Nicole Alleyne (right) accepts donation on behalf of Marketer Glasgow from businessman Ulla ‘Yellow’ Compton
June 24, 2022
Businessman offers financial assistance to struggling mother

A young mother who makes and sells pastries and sweets from a pram, walking an approximately two mile journey on the weekends whether rain or shine, has encountered a rainbow.
A businessman who read of Marketer Glasgow’s struggle in the Midweek edition of SEARCHLIGHT published on May 10, has donated $1000 to the mother for improvements to be made to her kitchen.

Searchlight’s accountant Nicole Alleyne (right) presents Marketer Glasgow with donation from businessman Ulla ‘Yellow’ Compton

Ulla ‘Yellow’ Compton, originally from Kingstown Park but who now lives in Alabama and visits home every year, decided that he would assist the young mother.
“I read the article on Facebook about the young lady who was struggling to sell her sweets and stuff,” he explained to SEARCHLIGHT, “and I decided just to help in whichever way I can.”

Therefore on Friday, June 17, he did just that with a donation based on an itemized list of needs.

“I asked her what was her need and she told me she needs to make her kitchen area a little bigger to make more stuff to sell so that’s where I want it to go,” the businessman who works in the area of construction, revealed.

Compton said that he knows what it means to be in a time of need.

“I never had a struggle but I have an idea what the struggle is all about so that’s why I want to help,” he said.

Glasgow is highly independent and used to relying on herself, but she explained that it feels good to receive the help. This is her first financial donation since the article was published but she has been the recipient of many encouraging words.

Comments saying to her to keep up the good work “make me feel more proud of myself”, the mother of three children (two primary aged and one teenager) explained.

“I would have to say, you can’t sit down and get something you have to get up and go,” she told others who may be in a similar situation to herself.