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Kingstown Preparatory School just misses out on CPEA top spot

Kingstown Preparatory School just misses out on CPEA top spot
SUSAN ABRAHAM, Principal of The Kingstown Preparatory School

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THE Kingstown Preparatory School has recorded two students in the top 10 of the 2022 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA), and a 99% pass rate.

Just one position shy away from the top spot was Kaela Bobb who copped second for girls and second overall in her performance during the multifaceted examinations.

Myles Dalton blazed into the highly competitive arena with a tie for the eighth position overall and a tie for the third place for boys.

The Principal of the School, Susan Abraham, described both students as humble.

“..They were really focused and diligent in their work. They never complained,” she stated.

The teachers worked really hard, the principal noted, and there is always a balance between work and play.

“Both students- they were excellent and we have even other students who they didn’t come in the top ten but they had in the 90s percent passes….they had very good pass percentage, so they did excellent,” Abraham told SEARCHLIGHT.

This year the school, known for its robust track record of high achievers, recorded a pass rate of 99% of 121 students who wrote the exam; one pass was deferred.

The 73 year old learning institution that will be 74 in September, has experienced much over the past year.

“This year it was challenging as much as last year; this year it was even more challenging,” she said, explaining that “the blended learning, teachers had to get familiar with and students. Being away from home, some of our students we see their

behaviour change, but the students who were more focused, they were steadfast in their work and diligent,” Abraham said.

“…Sometimes we see there was a gap between the high performers and the lower performers. Even though we have pass rate, you can see the gap had widened somewhat with the lower performers too,” she continued.

Overall, Abraham said that she feels good about the school’s performance and they worked well.

She also thanked “our parents, our teachers for their hard work, their support, the dedication and the students – congratulations to all our students, even the one who was unsuccessful, that he would go forward and do better in his work. Sometimes we have slow learners and as they get older they pick up, they achieve.”