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Trinity Apostolic Church donates to Questelles Beach improvement initiative

Trinity Apostolic Church  donates to Questelles Beach improvement initiative
Pastor Vincent Sobers (centre) presents cheque for $10,000 to Julius Williams (left) and Rupert Mulzac, while standing in front of the washrooms at Questelles beach.

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The ongoing improvement efforts taking place at the Questelles beach have been bolstered by a donation from the Trinity Apostolic Church.

On Wednesday, the church handed over a donation of EC$10,000 to Julius Williams and Rupert Mulzac, two key operatives associated with the beach improvement at a brief ceremony, a release from WEFM states.

Pastor Vincent Sobers speaking with WEFM News about the church’s support for the ongoing beach improvement exercise said the religious body was committed to contribute to the community of which it is a part.

“What really motivated us is that we are in a community, the church is in the community and we are here for the community, and as I said before, we have always been contributing to the community in one way or the other.

“We see this project as a very important one because the entire community is going to benefit from it. Maybe the country at large will benefit from it as well,” Pastor Sobers said.
The religious leader also underscored that the improvements being made can have a potentially positive spin off to the tourism industry.

Commenting about the beach improvement initiative, and specifically the cleaning of a nearby well Williams said it really started as a ‘fun project’.

“We cleaned the well as a fun project, Mr Mulzac instigated that. We all got together to clean this well. It is well cleaned, we put a little hut on it and that sort of stuff only to realize that five years down the road this well is going to come and practically save our lives,” the WE FM proprietor said.

He was referring to the eruptions of La Soufriere Volcano last year which disrupted the water supply across the island.

“In the eruption, we had that water tested. The CWSA said the water was good for drinking so we installed a well pump and we ran lines back up to where vehicles can come and collect water,” Williams pointed out.

He mentioned as well the donation of a 1000 gallon water tank from Lynch Caribbean Brokers SVG Ltd which, when combined with a similar volume tank which the group had already installed augmented the water storage capacity at the site to 2000 gallons.

Along with the work which has been done on the well, Williams also spoke about a wash room facility project.

“This beach is lacking a wash room so we went in partnership with the government to provide a wash room. They basically gave us some funding. The community chipped in a lot of self help. BRAGSA brought in material, Williams Electronics provided heavy equipment to install the boulders and that sort of stuff in the necessary areas” he explained.

While the wash room is at present functional, Williams said further improvements are needed such as developing a parking area and providing sea defense, and those engaged in the work will welcome any additional contributions.

Mulzac, sharing his vision for the future of the Questelles community said he sees the possibility for increased commerce and even employment as a result of the beach improvement initiative.

“When this facility comes online, I think the beach and the people in the village will be more prosperous. Because of the traffic there is going to be commerce, you know, people are going to buy more stuff- charcoal, ice, Hairoun, whatever.”

Use of the wash room facility will come at a cost which itself will provide some measure of employment, Mulzac said.

“We are going to operate the bathroom for profit, so that would mean that we could get two people to operate, and once the bathroom is open the Government themselves will designate Questelles beach as a tourist destination, consequently they will need somebody to clean the beach, one of our guys will get a job,” he added.

Mulzac oversees the ongoing clean up of the beach, which is supported by WE FM, Williams Electronics and Caribbean Investment Ltd.