STUDENTS OF the West St George Secondary School at a special assembly held in memory of Precious Williams (Inset) LUKE BROWNE
May 31, 2022
Students encouraged to be advocates for the end to violence against women and girls

Students of the West St George Secondary School have been encouraged to be advocates and play a leading role in this country’s thrust to end violence against women and girls.

Words of encouragement came from former Member of Parliament, Luke Browne who was speaking at a special assembly last Thursday for the slain Precious Williams.

“…We fight for what is right to get justice for Precious. I want you to have a mantra close to heart…it’s important for me to let you know that you are all precious, that your lives are precious and that we should treat it in that way and that we should definitely be our brothers’ and our sisters’ keepers,” Browne told the students.

On May 12, the body of a female was found stuffed in a bag that had been discarded in a gutter at Murray’s Road. Three days later, the body was identified to be 17-year-old Walvaroo resident, Precious Williams after the police released photographs of tattoos and a necklace found on the body.

Williams was buried on Sunday.

Prior to her funeral, students and teachers at the West St George Secondary School paid tribute by word, song and dance last Thursday afternoon, May 26, to Williams, a former fifth form student at the School.

“The West St George Secondary School is a very important institution. You may already know that you have one of the most impressive school buildings in St Vincent and the Grenadines You may already know that you have a lot of outstanding talent here among the student body and in light of these circumstances, I think I can expect to see West St George play a prominent and leading role in the fight to end violence against women and girls in St Vincent and the Grenadines…” Browne, a friend of Williams’ family said.

The former Minister of Health told the students that, “if you commit yourselves to being advocates and if you go out there and create change in society, it would mean that Precious did not die in vain”.

“We love her, we will miss her but we cherish our memories with her so she lives on in our hearts,” he said.

Superintendent of Police, Trevor Bailey was also present at last Thursday’s special assembly.

In addition to offering words of encouragement to the students gathered in the hall, Bailey called on his institution, the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force to redouble its efforts in solving the murder of the Walvaroo resident.

Principal of the West St George Secondary School, Dianne Williams also gave her students words of encouragement.

A presentation of a framed photograph from deputy principal, Mauressa Delecia to Precious’ adoptive mother, Jillian ‘Ras’ Williams caused the mother to break down momentarily; she fell into the arms of a teacher for comfort.

The mourning mother was supported by Browne when she was finally able to accept the photograph last Thursday.