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Government and private sector organizations make plans for Commercial Road in Georgetown

Government and private sector organizations make plans for Commercial Road in Georgetown
PRIME MINISTER Dr Ralph Gonsalves pointing out something across the bay at the new sea defense promenade in Georgetown

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FURTHER development is being planned for Commercial Road in Georgetown, in a collaborative effort between government and two private sector organizations.

On Tuesday May 24, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and a team of officials visited the site for the proposed development, which is opposite the branch of the Bank of SVG (BOSVG) in Georgetown.

The Prime Minister spoke about the site visit to Georgetown on NBC Radio on Wednesday May 25.

He said government has over 29,000 square feet of land available for development at that location along Commercial Road in Georgetown.

The delegation included officials from two credit unions: GECCU and KCCU.

The Prime Minister, who is also parliamentary representative for the area stated that the credit unions both “want to build headquarters out there.”

GECCU already has a branch office, which is operating from the Cobra building, Commercial Road in Georgetown.

The Prime Minister said further meetings on this development will take place next week, after his return to the state from Cuba.

Construction work on the new development is expected to begin early in 2023, and this could see the area being transformed into a “nice big financial district.”

The Prime Minister indicated that government also intends to construct a facility in the area.

This building will have indoor sporting facilities, among other things, when it is completed.

Gonsalves also spoke of government’s plans to acquire/ purchase a property owned by Raffie Crichton, for another type of development.

This property is also located along the main road and is in close proximity to the Caratal Bridge.

The Prime Minister said the property will be used to construct “a good tropical market.”

In March this year, Gonsalves spoke at the funeral service of former Georgetown resident Stanley Richards.

He said then that the new market will be named in honour of Stanley Richards, former President of the National Society of and for the Blind.

The Prime Minister said the development projects will “add substantially” to Georgetown.

Among other things, government has already repaired both primary and secondary schools in Georgetown, constructed the Modern Medical Complex, upgraded the hospital to a smart hospital and has done sea and river defence work in the area.

Also present in Georgetown on Tuesday was Deputy Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel, Senator Julian Francis, the Chief Surveyor and other government and private sector officials.