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PM says rum shops at Little Tokyo got to go

PM says rum shops at Little Tokyo got to go
PRIME MINISTER, Dr Ralph Gonsalves

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SOME OF THE bars at present in operation at the bus terminal at Little Tokyo may be relocated sometime soon.

Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves hinted at this recently as he spoke of government’s plans to upgrade the main bus terminal in Kingstown.

Speaking on NBC Radio on Wednesday May 18, the prime minister spoke of a US $5 million upgrade plan for Little Tokyo.

He said based on the manner in which the government wants to rebuild the area, some persons “may have to be put elsewhere.”

Gonsalves assured listeners that in the rebuilding of Little Tokyo, “there won’t be thirty something rumshops.”

“I am not allowing thirty something rum-shops there,” the prime minister stated firmly.

In the new scheme of things, Little Tokyo will be upgraded to not just a bus stop, but a place where the entire family could socialize.

“Families must be able to go there with their children and young people.”

Additionally, persons should “be able to move about and enjoy themselves and to have a range of goods and services on offer,” the prime minister detailed.

He said he will not be allowing twenty, or even ten rum shops to operate at Little Tokyo.

“I know I will get criticize for that, but…noise don’t move me you know.”

“Reason, good sense, the interest of the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, show me that, and you will move me,” he remarked.

Apart for being the main hub for mini vans, Little Tokyo has several small shops, some of which sell intoxicating liquor.

The money for the upgrade will come from a loan from the ALBA Bank.