Jack of all trades now into taxi operation at Georgetown
Keyron Lewis is now one of 12 taxi operators in Georgetown
May 17, 2022
Jack of all trades now into taxi operation at Georgetown

Georgetown resident, Keyron Lewis, is a young man with a drive and passion about life.

Keyron, who is also popularly known as ‘Slama London’ knows how to hustle to make an honest dollar.

At present, he is one of several persons making a living as a taxi driver in Georgetown.

Prior to this, ‘Slama’ did many other jobs, including driving a bread van and selling bread in the Georgetown area.

“I did this for about two years,” the youngster stated.

Apart from driving a bread van, ‘Slama’ previously worked at a

construction site in Canouan as a timekeeper.

He also worked in Union Island and the Tobago Cays as a water taxi operator.

Additionally, he worked as a bartender at a hotel and as a furniture maker for another business establishment.

There was also a time when he drove a sales truck for a company.

When SEARCHLIGHT caught up with ‘Slama’ in Georgetown on Thursday, May 12, he was making his daily hustle as a taxi driver.

The young man said his taxi, named “Uber taxi, is available to

transport passengers day and night.

Up until about three years ago, Georgetown did not have a taxi service.

Persons wanting to go to destinations off the main road, had to either walk or wait for a ride.

This made movement difficult especially for persons wanting to get to the Georgetown Hospital, which is located in Chili Village, some distance away from the main road.

Around that time, retired teacher, Garvin Seymore, saw the need, and began offering taxi services in and around Georgetown.

Seymore, who lives in Dickson Village once taught at the

Georgetown Government School.

For ‘Slama’ the water taxi jobs in the Grenadines were seasonal, and the other jobs had their own challenges.

“Sometimes when you working for people, they always talk to you a certain way, and when you try to speak up for your rights, there is always someone next in line to get the job.”

With this in mind, ‘Slama’ wanted to branch out on his own to support himself and his two children.

He looked to his family for help, and it was his uncle, Desron Henry who came to his assistance by purchasing the vehicle for ‘Slama’ to drive as a taxi.

Apart from being a taxi driver, ‘Slama’ is also a musician and upcoming soca artiste in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He explained that this line of work suffered a setback due to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

However, he is able to earn an extra income from selling his music online.

As long as it is an honest living, ‘Slama’ is not afraid to do it.

At present, he is one of about 12 other taxi drivers in and around Georgetown, serving the people of that community with their daily need for transportation.

And the young father is encouraging other young men to get

up and do something, instead of liming on the blocks.

“There are young men and women from my community that are struggling, and all they need is a start to get them on their feet,” ‘Slama’ said.

So whether you want to go to Chester Cottage, South Rivers, Park Hill, Dickson, Overland or even Sandy Bay.

Taxis are now ready to take you to your destination.